Looking for industrial-style room dividers?

When we think of industry, we often think of 19th-century Britain and the industrial revolution. Victorian engineers worked hard to develop increasingly powerful machines. This led to a massive increase in the number of factories throughout the UK – a defining era for many of our cities, particularly in Northern England.

Today, little remains of this steam-powered past but industrial style remains strangely timeless. In fact, industrial design transcends fashion, architecture and even consumer technology. The aesthetic remains a mainstay for interior design too, with furniture and fittings unashamedly showing off its bare metal, nuts and bolts.

What are industrial-style doors, windows and room dividers?

The modern-day twist on industrial design makes itself known with dark colours, bold lines and clean, flat surfaces. When it comes to room dividers, our OI-30 style follows this aesthetic to the t, with sleek and luxurious frames with an edgy, well, edge. They look incredible in black, although we do offer 150 RAL colours if you’d like to try something different.

Georgian bars divide the glazing, reminiscent of large factory windows, whilst the handles are a curious balance of modern yet detailed. Blackout panels (also known as kickplates) add a solid metal piece to the bottom of the door, adding protection from passing feet or stray toys. This might just be a piece of metal to some people, but this area of powder-coated aluminium is striking, impossibly smooth, and works well to help divide a space.

Custom industrial-style room dividers

As we’ve mentioned, our doors are customisable with an impressive selection of colours from the renowned RAL colour system. In addition, room dividers are available as single doors, French doors or a fixed non-opening screen. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even try a corner configuration which is a great option should you wish to add an office, snug or gym to a particular area within a larger room.

Want to go even further with your bespoke features? We also offer lock, handle and glazing options. So if attention to detail is your thing, industrial-style dividers from Origin will give you no shortage of options to ensure your room dividers suit your personal taste and the style of your home.

OI-30 industrial room dividers

Our OI-30 range really must be seen to be believed. You can visit one of our showrooms anytime for a pressure-free non-committal chat with one of our specialists. Despite being able to customise every last detail, it really does help being able to see the dividers and colour swatches in person.

Even better, if you like what you see, then our unbeatable lead times won’t leave you waiting for long. And with guaranteed fast delivery and highly-skilled installers, you’ll be admiring your new room divider in no time at all and reminiscing of the UK’s incredible industrial heritage.

Five useful tips for internal room dividers

Internal room dividers offer an effective and affordable way to create a definitive separation of two rooms, such as a living room and a dining room. If your property is open plan, or perhaps you’re considering enlarging a doorway, a room divider could be exactly what you need.

As with all things in interior design and home refurbs, there’s so much choice and information available that it can become a little daunting. Where do you start? What’s what? How can you tell good from bad? So we’ve put together five useful tips for anyone looking to update their home with a room divider.

1. It might be beneficial to use a bespoke room divider supplier

Whilst off the shelf dividers make choosing a little easier, the choice itself is slim. Bespoke suppliers allow you to have total control over various customisable options, including size, colour, handles, bars, glazing and even finer details like blackouts and kick plates.

If you’re renovating your home or simply making some updates, bespoke products are a great way to ensure the end result matches your initial vision. Whilst bespoke dividers may stretch your budget a little, they’re more affordable than you think.

All of our Origin Internal Doors are completely bespoke with myriad customisable options, and our knowledgeable staff are happy to answer any questions you have that may be unique to your particular project.

2. Familiarise yourself with internal room divider sizes

From frame depths to sash widths, dimensions are important and will impact how your final room divider will look. Before working with us to secure your perfect divider, it’s important that you understand the exact sizes that you’re working with when it comes to your opening.

Whether you’re installing single doors, French doors or a fixed screen, you are able to vary the frame width and height as well as the sash width and height too. We can supply doors up to 3,000mm tall so if you’re working with a large, period property, we’ve got you covered.

3. Glazing bars for internal room dividers

Glazing bars have seen a huge resurgence in the last few years. These are simply bars within the frame of the door or window that appear to divide up the glass. Once upon a time, this was considered a traditional look, but with newer, simplified designs this is fast becoming a modern approach.

Whether you’re going for a heritage look or a stylish, minimalist design, you can customise the amount of bars within the door or divider and even colour match them to the frame for a truly cohesive look.

4. Internal room dividers in any colour

Well, not quite any colour, but we think a choice of 150 is pretty impressive. Of course, black, white and grey are our most popular shades, but if you’re going for a particular look or matching an existing colour scheme, our range of RAL colours offer an eye-catching, high quality and durable finish.

If you’re more into natural timbers, then you may choose to go for an oak or pine room divider which shows off the natural colour and grain of the wood.

Origin Doors available in RAL colours

5. Glazing options for internal room dividers

Glass is glass, right? Wrong! We offer three different types of glazing, and these will have an impact on the practicality of your divider. By choosing from 4, 6 or 6.8mm glass, the glazing will have an effect on insulation properties when it comes to heat and sound. We also offer privacy glass, such as frosted or reeded effects, which is a good option for those dividing home and work, or simply wanting a space away from prying eyes.

Of course, this might be a lot to take in if you’re only just exploring your options. But that’s okay. As we’ve said before, our team has the time and expertise to help you understand what’s what, and what’s right for you. Talk to us about your project – we’d love to hear about it!